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Oncology Product Manager



・ Maximize sales potential of relevant prostate cancer product by means of creating long-,
mid- and short-term brand plan in alignment with global and local Marketing/Medical/ Market
access strategy.
・ Establish and run market research capabilities to define market domain, to select target
doctors/institutes, to estimate their market potentials, to analyze competitors, to reflect current
and future implication of medical and therapeutic requirements to the business for prostate
cancer product.
・ Establish life cycle plan of prostate cancer product for long- and mid-term perspective in
collaboration with R&D and Global Oncology team.
・ Create and lead a launch planning and implementation of new indications and conduct a
life cycle management of prostate cancer product so as to realize a maximized revenue and
・ Plan and implement scientific relations, focusing on thought leaders, for scientific
congresses, lectures, symposia etc. in collaboration with Medical Affairs.


  • ・Over three years experiences in marketing and on field, preferably in Oncology; inevitable
    having one or two product management experiences by him-/herself in the pharmaceutical
    industry with a due attention to compliance with regulations and codes
    ・Having adaptable knowledge and practices to conduct portfolio planning ensuring a
    balanced scientific and commercial aspect
    ・Experiences required in making long-and mid-term strategic planning and short-term
    implementation with contingency measures
    ・Experiences in launching of any new product and life cycle management in the
    pharmaceutical market
    ・Strong leadership with effective communication and interpersonal skills so as to realize
    co-work and cooperation with related parties concerned
    ・Strong drive for results
    ・Native Japanese and fluent in English (>830 TOEIC)


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